I didn't know a charger could be this impressive.

Wish that every company made such good product and was so easy to deal with.

9 days in the field (Africa)

From: UK Mt. Everest fim expedition

Hi Alex,
In Kathmandu ready for the trip to the mountain in a couple of days. Chargers
working a treat. Will let you know how they perform at 5,500m


Hi Alex,
It was interesting trying to keep everything and everyone operating at
5,500m. All in all the kit performed very well, with only the Satellite
system finally crashing and burning at the last moment. Fortunately we got
all the important stuff back to the UK in time. As for your chargers, they
were one of the stars of the Exped. They worked brilliantly well in the most
demanding conditions and never faltered. Well done to all.

I will certainly recommend them to up and coming Expeds

All the best and thanks again.


camp photogallery 


Dolgin Engineering’s new multi-charger is the answer to a videographer’s prayer.In the field, we tested it under battlefield conditions: an annual four-camera shoot lasting all day and into the evening. In the past, this would have required at least ten camera batteries; we accomplished it with six. Charging four batteries at a time was a blessing, and our anxiety was dramatically diminished by being able to tell at a glance what our portable power status was.


In the studio, this charger ensures that we always have four fully-charged batteries at the ready. Recovery from field assignments is very quick – while it used to take a full day (and a lot of reminders) to recharge batteries after heavy field use, we can now have our batteries fully ready within a couple of hours. And we don’t have to remember to switch the batteries on the charger – they’re always there, at the ready.

I also appreciate the advanced battery capacity testing capability. It’s a good idea for any videographer to check all camera batteries periodically to see if their capacity is starting to diminish. Previously, this was done by “feel”: some batteries just wouldn’t run the camera quite as long as others. Now, though, this checking can be done with great precision, and bad batteries can be relegated to reserve duty or the trash based on real measurement.

Dolgin Engineering’s multi-charger saves us money on batteries, space in our equipment room, and wear on our worry beads. Four solid green lights on the charger always gives us confidence that our power sources are ready to go. And at the end of a long day of shooting with batteries depleted, we know we’re always within 2 hours of having a full complement of power, ready to go.

Michael Kolowich
President and Executive Producer
Memoryworks Studios
Concord, Massachusetts

It's working great. I'm shooting a feature with the HVX200 and have a rotation of 5 batteries for camera and the Panasonic P2 Store drive which both use the same. So coming home and plopping all of the batteries at once on chargers (yours and the one that is with the camera) is a wonderful convenience after a 15 hour day.

P.N., DP
Emeryville, CA

"In the past, only high end camcorders have had access to accelerated battery discharge/charging systems such as those offered by Anton Bauer and other battery providers. The TC400 now provides this option to lower-cost camcorder batteries, thus saving their owners significant time, therefore optimizing their revenue-producing time"

"Hefty" is a word that seems to apply to virtually every product Dolgin makes. Their products withstand all sorts of abuse, being made from heavy steel"

"Overall, this is one of those "gotta have" tools for a working shooter, as the benefits far outweigh the costs. With battery charging time cut nearly in half, accurate feedback on the level of charge, 12 volt vehicle charge ability, access to AC power for the camcorder during charging, and ability to charge up to four batteries at the same time, it's difficult to think of a reason that one wouldn't want to have this unit sitting in their studio or production storage room"

Douglas Spotted Eagle - "Spot" is the author of more than a dozen books on the subject of DV, audio for video, DVD authoring, and Sony Vegas. He is the co-author of "HDV-What You NEED to Know."

Read complete review:
Review at DMN

The charger is fantastic. Just this morning I was smiling to myself,
thinking- these are the first days I've ever not had to even think
about charging everything the day before a shoot. Between the unbelievable
capacity of the Sony batteries and the super charger, I am always at
the ready!

Eugene D.,
Plymouth, MA

Awesome product, working great!
Jennings Computers
Victoria, Australia

Using it on my feature right now! Couldn't have done it without it!!!!!!

Hollywood, FL

Hello Alex,
The charger is working flawlessly. It brings a level of confidence
to using prosumer batteries, which always seemed so hit or miss after
using Anton Bauer chargers and batteries for years.

Treadwell, NY

Your charger is the best. Its so damn fast too. The regular Panny
charger stinks in comparison.
Thanks for the support

Milpitas, CA

Quick review of Dolgin's 4 way Battery Charger - DVXuser Forum
...I've had a chance to use this with a 90 watt solar panel out in the boondocks...recharged from empty in about 2 hours while giving constant status. In other words, it worked perfectly...

DVXuser Forum reviews ... i never leave home without it anymore...

Hi Alex,
The TC200 is working fine. It charged two 5600mah batteries in short order. I especially like that it operates the same way as my Anton Bauer Titan 2 charger. I have several Hytron 120's for the "Big Iron" camera, but I really enjoy shooting with the 100A when I can. Your charger is proving reliable and quicker than I expected. Thanks for the nice work!

Don F.
Albany, CA

...Dolgin's 4-port charger rocked my filming trip through Asia. Power was no problem, I could charge 8 batteries in the time I used to take to charge 2, sturdy enough to go through the rigors of suitcases, etc. It will go on every trip I take...more

...this thing has made life so much easier. No more charging one battery at a time, coming back to see when it's time to switch batteries out. Put them on and go to bed. Now my Panasonic issued power supply/batt charger can stay in the camera case and be used for emergencies, but more importantly as a camera power source with out the risk of forgetting it at the office.
The Dolgin is worth every penny.

I was browsing your site and I just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I bought the TC400 several years ago and my budget was tight and I wondered at the time if a battery charger was the best use of my funds.
It turns out that it was indeed a great choice; it has made battery management a non concern. I never have to "baby sit" the charging process, and I always know I've got power ready to go when I need it. I don't think battery chargers rank very high on the "wow that's cool" scale, but for me your product does get plenty of wow votes.


I have been testing the new model number TC400-EX...
The BIG Question: Do your batteries wait for your charger?

We in Denmark hire out EX exuiptment and need a super charger the store, two of these did the trick they are working 24/7 and doing its job without complaints!
Daniel B.

To whom it might concern: I googled in search of such a product as made by Dolgin and decided to purchase power plates for my DSLR. I received the product in excellent time from USA to Ireland, the batteries I had intended to use are Sony NP960 I have loads of, but unfortunately I did not specify this on my order. On contacting Dolgin I am delighted to say Alex Dolgin could not have provided a better service, a new pair for the Sony batteries were dispatched immediately indeed, as I sent back the incorrect one I ordered - they crossed in the post. I am so pleased with the product, the service, the cost and the knowledge that it is a well made product; I doubt if I could have made a DIY battery connection which might have damaged my camera for much less than I paid. Highly recommend!
Bill Lupton, Ireland

October 2014, UK

I promised to let you know how I got on with the TC200-i.
The unit was used to charge BPU-90 Sony batteries for use with a Sony PXW-X160 camera. The majority of the filming took place 'in the field' away from mains electricity points and so the unit's ability to charge from a cigar lighter from a car 12-volt supply was absolutely crucial. The lack of similar products able to use the 12-volt supply in the marketplace, makes the charger even more of 'a must have' piece of kit for any professional camera work.
The unit quickly proved its worth, charging batteries that were quickly exhausted, the ability to charge two battery units at a time was hugely beneficial with this facility being used extensively. The quick charge time and the progress of charge via the display screen is superb.
The machine worked perfectly over a three-week period being used to charge throughout much of the day. The warning that lets you know to take off a battery if you break the car's 12-volt supply by taking the ignition keys out, is documented on the power leads and it was easy to remember to re-attach a battery once ignition was re-enabled.
All in all, a fantastic piece of kit and an absolute must-have for any Sony cameraman using the BPU-series batteries (or configured for other types). Highly-recommended.

Julian S 

I have been using the Swit S-8U93 batteries and Dolgin TC-200 EX charger with the FS7. I get roughly 4-4.5 hrs per battery and they fully charge in roughly the same time frame on the charger. I think the charger and the battery are pretty amazing options to the much more expensive Sony counterparts




Hot Rod Four Banger

By Hardcore Harley


I recently purchased a smallHD 5" monitor for my FS-100 camera rig. It is powered by two Canon LP-E6 batteries and the kit came with a single battery charger. On my first shoot the batteries drained much quicker than anticipated, and with a 2.5 hour full recharge time I knew I couldn't handle long remote shoots without purchasing four additional batteries and a charger that could pump out fully charged batteries all at the same time. So it was a no brainer to get the Dolgin TC-40 four battery charging station. It's great! But I already knew that because I own two other Dolgin chargers for my SONY L series batteries. Yes, I know it's pricey, but this is a classic example of you getting what you pay for. Yes, I cried once writing the check to pay for it, but now it's pure joy every time I need to crank out fresh batteries as quickly as possible. Heads up this charger takes up a little bit of real estate, so if packing a bag for traveling light is high on your priority list, take its size into consideration. But if you believe time is money, then this charger can be a lifesaver if you go through a number of Canon batteries, especially on long remote shoots.



Greatest! DOLGIN ENGINEERING TC200-DSLR-C Battery Charger

By greg

The DOLGIN ENGINEERING TC200-DSLR-C is a very good charger for CANNON LP-E6N batteries. It safely and quickly charges 2 (two) batteries simultaneously. I always top off my batteries before I use my CANON 5D Mark IV camera. This  charger is really a high quality unit made with a metal, not plastic, housing. I really like the TC200 a lot. You will too.


I have an older SmallHD 7" monitor. SmallHD does not make a battery plate to handle the newest Panasonic batteries. Dolgin retrofitted the monitor with the battery plate I needed. Great job at a reasonable price. Dolgin is my go-to place for power options and supplies!

By Otto Nero, July 2019

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