Service and Support

Repair/Upgrade Request

In order to request a repair or upgrade, simply follow these 3 easy steps (skip this first step if you have already prepaid):
1 . Follow this link, and prepay for repair (if the product is out of warranty).
Follow this link for upgrades
2 . Fill out and print the Service Request Form.
3. Ship your product with the Service Request Form to:

Shipping and Receiving (click)
Dolgin Engineering, Inc.

Technical support and pre-sale questions

Tel. (877) 863-1813 toll free

This is not the usual Yada Yada!

We offer a 2 years warranty on all products that we make for good reason - our products are "overdesigned" for extra reliability and are made in the USA so we have complete control over assembly and testing before they are shipped to the customer. When we do get an occasional call with a question or a problem, we know the answer and we do not read from a script.
Therefore, when you are experiencing a problem please help us by giving us factual information in an organized manner - it will help us to get to the bottom of it sooner rather than later with fewer email messages going back and forth.
This check list helps in narrowing down an issue with a battery charger:
1. What model of the product are you using, what kind of a battery, for which camera is it used for?
2. Do you use the AC adapter that came with our product (it has a label on it), or are you using a different AC adapter which looks similar but does not have the same voltage and wattage rating?
3. Do you experience a problem with all battery positions or only one?
4. Did you try a different brand/make of the battery?
5. Did you fully insert a battery into the plate?

Inserting the batteries
The batteries need to be fully inserted into the plates.
Correct   Incorrect

Thank you for your understanding, we are looking forward to supporting you!

User Manuals

Replacement parts ordering and upgrades -  
AC Adapters, plates, etc.

TC400 Charger User Manual
TC400-EX Charger User Manual
TC40 Charger User Manual 
TC40-EX Charger User Manual 
TC40-DSLR Canon Charger User Manual 
TC200 Charger User Manual 
TC200-EX Charger User Manual
TC200-DSLR Canon Charger User Manual 
VD-14 vDOUBLER Manual
EX-V adapter manual
Power Plate
DC Converter manual


CE declarations

  1. Battery charger TC400
  2. Battery charger TC40
  3. Battery charger TC200
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